White-banded Mockingbird Mimus triurus


The White-banded Mockingbird is the most striking of the South American mockingbirds, it is also the slimmest, smallest and longest-winged. In Argentina the local name translates to mockingbird with three tails, as its tail is equally divided between white outer thirds, and a black inner third, so it is as if the bird had three tails, two white and one dark. Furthermore this mockingbird has a large white wing patch that extends to the secondaries isolating the blackish outer wing; above it is grayish with a warm cinnamon rump. The White-banded Mockingbird has a sweet song, and outshines the various other mockingbirds it overlaps with in its voice. This mockingbird is highly migratory moving north to Bolivia, Paraguay, S Brazil and Uruguay in the non-breeding season. Its breeding range is difficult to define, but appears to be largely in central Argentina, although breeding record or potential breeding has been suggested well to the north in the wintering quarters, such as in Paraguay and possibly Bolivia. More work is needed to determine the breeding range of this species. As well, with more and more frequency this species is showing up as a vagrant in northern and central Chile, and records even in the breeding period suggest it may be colonizing that country.

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