Fawn-breasted Wren Cantorchilus guarayanus

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The Fawn-breasted Wren is a Thryothorus wren of lowlands in northern Bolivia and a small part of Mato Grosso, Brazil. Found in thickets and forest undergrowth near water below 400 meters in elevation, this species is very similar in appearance to the allopatric Buff-breasted Wren. It is rufous above and buffy below with black barring on the wings and tail, a buffy-white throat and superciliary, and heavily streaked white- and brown-striped cheeks. Relative to the closest subspecies of Buff-breasted Wren in southern Peru, Fawn-breasted is grayer above with more strongly streaked cheeks and a buffier throat; as compared to the race of Buff-breasted Wren that extends into southwestern Brazil, Fawn-breasted is slightly smaller but otherwise similar in appearance.

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