Nava's Wren Hylorchilus navai

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The Nava’s Wren has a restricted range in easternmost Veracruz, with additional records from one site in western Chiapas and two in eastern Oaxaca, and is thus endemic to southern Mexico. Like the formerly conspecific Sumichrast’s Wren (Hylorchilus sumichrasti), this is long-billed, principally brown wren, which is barred lightly with black on wings, and has a whitish throat and upper breast, and white scalloping on the belly. Also like the latter species, it is principally restricted to limestone outcrops within primary lowland evergreen forest, which habitat is naturally patchy in occurrence, although the species seems fortunately able to survive in small patches of forest. Its tiny range has led to the species being listed as Vulnerable by BirdLife International.

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