Spangled Cotinga Cotinga cayana

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The brightly-plumaged Spangled Cotinga is a widespread Amazonian species, ranging from the base of the Andes east to the Guyanas. It is a member of the genus Cotinga that frequents the canopy of terra firme forest. Males are bright turquoise blue with extensive black “spangling” on the wings and back, and has a light purple throat. The similar Plum-throated Cotinga (Cotinga maynana) of western Amazonia differs by lacking the black “spangling,” has yellow eyes, and is found more frequently in the canopy of varzea forest. It can also be found along the edges of oxbow lakes. Seen most frequently from canopy towers or canopy walkways. It forages in fruiting trees, but is seen more often perched in dead branches emerging from the top of the tallest trees, which explains why they are difficult to spot from the ground. The Spangled Cotinga is similar to other members of the genus Cotinga in lacking any true vocalizations, and has been heard emitting a “whistling” sound from the wings in flight.

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