Speckled Mourner Laniocera rufescens

  • © Peter Lindenburg

This species, which forms a superspecies with the Cinereous Mourner (Laniocera hypopyrra), has a wide range, from southeast Mexico to northwest Ecuador, but is rather infrequently seen over most of it. As long ago as the early 19th century, the Speckled Mourner was described as one of the scarcest of Middle American birds, suggesting that modern-day rates of deforestation are not solely to blame for its perceived rarity. Nonetheless, the Speckled Mourner appears to be tolerably common in parts of eastern Panama, which region is probably the best area to find the species. The Speckled Mourner is probably most likely to be confused with the slightly larger Rufous Piha (Lipaugus unirufus), but the latter has a heavier (deeper based) bill, no markings on the breast, lacks the pectoral tufts of the present species, and shows no obvious wing markings, unlike this mourner.

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