Black-capped Piprites Piprites pileata

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The Black-capped Piprites is a buffy manakin with a strongly contrasting black cap and yellow bill that can be found within its fragmented range in southeastern Brazil. Pairs or individuals can be found foraging in the canopy and subcanopy of humid, dense, southern temperate forests, sometimes accompanying mixed-species flocks. The diet of the Black-capped Piprites consists of arthropods and fruit. Like other manakins, the male Black-capped Piprites has a ritualized display which it performs repeatedly for nearby females during the breeding season. The Black-capped Piprites has a small range and a tiny overall population size of less than 10,000 individuals that is believed to be declining. Due to these data, the Black-capped Piprites has been listed as vulnerable on the IUCN watchlist.

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