Bahia Tapaculo Eleoscytalopus psychopompus

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Until very recently known solely from three specimens, collected in the 1940s and 1980s, the Bahia Tapaculo is endemic to the east Brazilian state of the same name, where it seems to be very shy and is confined to wet lowland forest in the central coastal region. Its preferred microhabitat appears to be areas with dense agglomerates of vines and shrubs, covered by trunks and branches of fallen trees. Despite having been found at several localities within this region, as a result of dedicated surveys for the species, the Bahia Tapaculo is considered to be Critically Endangered, the result of its obvious rarity at most known sites, some of which are protected, and the catastrophic loss of lowland forest throughout its known range. Genetic data have recently suggested that this species and the White-breasted Tapaculo (Eleoscytalopus indigoticus) should be removed from the genus Scytalopus, and these two species are clearly closely related based on plumage and vocals.

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