Squamate Antbird Myrmoderus squamosus


The present species forms a superspecies with another Brazilian endemic antbird, White-bibbed Antbird (Myrmoderus loricatus); their two ranges do not overlap, but show close approach, albeit probably also altitudinal segregation, in the extreme south of Rio de Janeiro, at the northernmost extremity of the range of Squamate Antbird. Like its closest relative, this species keeps at most low above the ground, being principally terrestrial, and pairs usually maintain close physical and vocal contact. The song is even more rapidly delivered than that of White-bibbed Antbird. Compared to the same sex of White-bibbed Antbird, males of this species are distinguished by their much heavier and more extensive black scalloping below, lack of any white on the throat, dark marks on the back, and less obvious white supercilium, while females also possess a much-reduced supercilium, lack of any yellow or buff on the throat, and exhibit some weak scalloped markings over the underparts.

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