Jet Antbird Cercomacra nigricans

  • © Daniel Uribe

The Jet Antbird forms a species-group with three other Cercomacra antbirds whose males are largely black, namely the Rio Branco Antbird (Cercomacra carbonaria), the Mato Grosso Antbird (Cercomacra melanaria), and the Bananal Antbird (Cercomacra ferdinandi). Of this group, the Jet Antbird is the most geographically widespread, it being found from central Panama south into South America, where the species ranges from eastern Venezuela south and west to western Ecuador. As already mentioned males are principally deep black, with relatively bold white markings, but females are rather distinctive, especially within the context of the genus as a whole, being very male-like, being also very dark with white wing markings, and a narrowly white-streaked throat.

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© Ted Parker

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