Hudson's Canastero Asthenes hudsoni

  • © Juan Maria Raggio

This is one of the few birds named for the great Argentine naturalist William Henry Hudson. Like Hudson, this Canastero belongs to the Pampas region of East Central Argentina, Uruguay and adjacent southern Brazil. It is particularly fond of moist, tall native grassland, particularly where mixed with Pampas Grass (Cortaderia spp.), and adjacent to wetlands with rushes Juncus spp. Hudson’s Canasteros stay well hidden in the grass, but particularly early in the morning send out a strong trill that accelerates at the end. They are best seen by tracking down their vocalizations, as they tend to sing from high up in the grass and at least part of their head and body are visible during this time. Otherwise they are most commonly observed when flying off, their strong bright cinnamon wingstripe giving their identification away as Hudson’s Canasteros.

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