Jamaican Tody Todus todus


The Jamaican Tody is a tiny, colorful bird of wooded areas throughout the island of Jamaica. Though there are five species of Todies in the Caribbean, this is the only species present on Jamaica, and is therefore unmistakable within its range. The small size, bright green body plumage, tiny tail, and long, red bill are all quite distinctive. While common, this species can be extremely difficult to see due to its size and color, and a sudden movement or vocalization by a Jamaican Tody will often betray an individual or pair surprisingly close to the observer.  When located, however, this species is not shy, and will generally sit still or stay in a small area, often allowing for close, extended views.  The Jamaican Tody generally travels in pairs in a wide variety of habitats, from coastal dry scrub to montane elfin forest, where they feed mostly on insects and fruit.

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