Orange-winged Parrot Amazona amazonica

  • Order: Psittaciformes
  • Family: Psittacidae
  • Polytypic: 2 subspecies
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  • © Sanjay Veiga

In contrast to many parrots, which have declined massively as a result of hunting, trade, and habitat destruction, the Orange-winged Parrot remains surprisingly abundant over much of its very wide South American range. Exclusively found in the lowlands east of the Andes, it is distributed from northern Colombia south to eastern Brazil, including the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The Orange-winged Parrot is able to persist virtually wherever there are still tall trees, although it is undoubtedly more numerous in better-forested areas. Several other Amazona parrots show orange patches in the secondaries at rest and in flight, but this species is generally smaller than most of the rest, and shows only a comparatively small area of yellow feathering on the face, with blue lores.

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