Red-browed Parrot Amazona rhodocorytha

  • © Håkan Sandin

Classified as Endangered by BirdLife International, the Red-browed Parrot has a very small, severely fragmented and declining range and population, although it remains locally common at a handful of lowland forest sites. It is a east Brazilian endemic, and is confined to remnants of Atlantic Forest below 1000 m from Alagoas discontinuously south to São Paulo, in which state it was only very recently discovered. Its distinctive ‘laughing’ calls are often the first indication of the Red-browed Parrot’s presence. In terms of plumage, the red forehead, yellow lores, blue cheeks and throat, and red in the wings and tail, relieve the otherwise all-green feathering. The species feeds on fruit, seeds, berries, and buds taken in the treetops, and has also been recorded feeding in various plantations. The Red-browed Parrot is considered to possibly form a superspecies with another Brazilian endemic, the Red-tailed Parrot (Amazona brasiliensis) and the Guianan Shield endemic, the Blue-cheeked Parrot (Amazona dufresniana).

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