Spot-winged Parrotlet Touit stictopterus

  • © Luis UrueƱa

The Spot-winged Parrotlet is a chunky, dusky green parrot, with dusky brown wings, whitish tips to the coverts and orange tips to the outer median coverts. Females and immatures, in contrast, have green wing-coverts with black bases. It occurs somewhat disjunctly through southern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, and northern Peru, but is uncommon and local throughout this range, and appears to be already perilously rare in the first-named country. The species inhabits the upper tropical and lower subtropical zones, where it favors tall, humid, montane forest, but has occasionally been reported from savanna-like woodland, and from stunted ridge-top forest. Like most congenerics, the Spot-winged Parrotlet appears to occur at naturally low densities and is probably easily overlooked. It is often seen in small flocks of 5–12, but occasionally in pairs, and feeds on fruit, sometimes even perhaps raiding crops of maize.

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