Jandaya Parakeet Aratinga jandaya

  • © Ciro Albano - NE Brazil Birding

In terms of its plumage, the northeast Brazilian endemic Jandaya Parakeet represents something of an intermediate between the Sun Parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis) of savannas north of the Amazon, and the more southerly distributed Golden-capped Parakeet (Aratinga auricapillus). The head and neck are largely bright yellow, with some orange elements around the face, with a deep orange belly, and all-green wings, except for some blue elements in the flight feathers. The species’ range extends over a large area, from southeast Pará to Alagoas and northern Goiás, and it inhabits a wide range of wooded areas, including humid Atlantic Forest and Amazonian savannas. It remains common over parts of this range, despite the undoubted attentions of bird trappers, and is probably even increasing at the northern and western edges, due to ongoing deforestation.

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