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Chiriqui Quail-Dove Zentrygon chiriquensis

  • © Daniel Lopez-Velasco

Also called the Rufous-breasted Quail-Dove, in reference to its rufous foreneck, breast and sides, and formerly sometimes regarded as being conspecific with the Lined Quail-Dove (Geotrygon linearis) of northern South America, the Chiriqui Quail-Dove is widely sympatric but not syntopic with the Buff-fronted Quail-Dove (Geotrygon costaricensis). The Chiriqui Quail-Dove also ranges through Costa Rica to western Panama, but is an inhabitant of drier mid-elevation montane forests, principally at 600 to 1700 m, but the species also ranges locally to 300 and 3100 m. Like most quail-doves, it is more frequently heard than seen, and is most usually seen when feeding on a forest trail. Its behavior appears to be largely similar to those of other quail-doves, although few specific and detailed data for the Chiriqui Quail-Dove have been published to date.

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