Neotropical Birding issue 17

The latest issue of Neotropical Birding, the bi-annual magazine of the Neotropical Bird Club was recently published and contains a wealth of interesting articles about Neotropical birds and birding. Articles range from Here be gadflies: pelagic birding off north-east Brazil by Alexander C. Lees, Fabio Olmos and Alberto Campos, through Finding Mexico’s mystery owl — Cinereous Owl Strix (varia?) sartorii by Nathan Pieplow and Andrew Spencer, to Markham’s Storm Petrel breeding colonies discovered in Chile by Fabrice Schmitt, Rodrigo Barros and Heraldo Norambuena. This publication also offers wonderful reviews of some exciting birding sites, including the Serranía del Perijá, written by Trevor Ellery, and Reserva Biológica del Río Bigal, written by Juan Freile, Vincent Mouret, and Mathieu Siol.  We are great fans of this publication and the Neotropical Bird Club and encourage anyone with an interest in the New World tropics to join! To help entice you, the Club has made the article on finding the nesting colonies of Markham’s Storm Petrel in Chile available for free here. For details on how to join, visit the club’s website: