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Neotropical News

Consider incorporating Neotropical Birds into your classroom!
Check out the newest issue of Neotropical Birding, featuring articles on pelagic birding off north-east Brazil, the search for Mexico's mystery owl, Markham's Storm-Petrel breeding colonies in Chile, and more!
A brief review of some of the important species-level changes that are incorporated in the 2014 revisions to the eBird/Clements Checklist.
February 14-17 (Friday to Monday) is the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). To participate, just go birding during this timeframe and make sure to enter your checklists in eBird.
Twenty years after field ornithologist Ted Parker's death, friends and colleagues pay tribute to Ted and his legacy.
Thousands of new images are now visible for most species cataloged in Neotropical Birds Online, thanks to a slideshow gallery ported into each account that scrolls through images found in our Neotropical Birds Online flickr group.
We've reached a major milestone: today we have added information for every single species of bird in the Neotropics. Anyone can now search for any Neotropic species and find life history data, an audio sample and a distribution map.
In a new study published in The Auk, Cornell Lab scientists have analyzed the only known footage of the Imperial Woodpecker.
On October 26th, Lisa Yntema and Carol Cramer-Burke of the US Virgin Islands observed and photographed a Greater Ani in the White Mangroves of Rust-op-Twist Pond on St. Croix.
Recently split from the Greater Antillean Oriole, the new endemic Bahama Oriole has a species population of less than 250.
The NOS and UNOP Congress will next be held in Peru in November 2011.
Recent findings from the Max Planck Institute show that Slender-billed Prions select molting grounds individually.
The Santa Marta Sabrewing flew into a mist net at El Dorado Preserve, 1,700 acres of land in the mountains that was purchased by ProAves Colombia with the support of the American Bird Conservancy and other groups in 2006
Bolivian land 500x the size of NYC's Central Park designated for the protection of Red-fronted Macaws
A proposed industrial windfarm development in an IBA area has been rejected by the Puerto Rican government
A population of Long-whiskered Owlets has been observed, and even recorded on video, in northern Peru.
New research in Panama on forest understory birds has implications for genetic dispersal and conservation.
While Nathan Pieplow was listening to the Macaulay Library's collection of Common Nighthawk vocalizations, he came upon something strange: a recording of what might be a hybrid Common x Antillean Nighthawk.
New DNA analysis of only specimen confirms bird was a separate species
Observations needed! Report Orange-breasted Falcon sightings to eBird.
On August 14, a Whimbrel named Hope arrived at Great Pond, St. Croix after a marathon 5,500 kilometer flight.
Ornithologists and birders will participate in three upcoming meetings, all in the neotropics.
An important range extension for newly-discovered species
Whether you're planning a trip or have notes from a past trip, you're going to want to check out eBird Chile.
Learn about Neotropical Birds first hand at the 2009 meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union.
Meet the latest species of furnariid, the Río Orinoco Spinetail
Every bird observation represents real data - learn how your neotropical bird sightings can be archived
Toucan bills have a surprising function: whatever else they do, the bills also radiate heat.