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Doliornis remseni

Chestnut-bellied Cotinga

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Cotingidae
  • Monotypic


Doliornis remseni

Cerro Mongus, Carchi, Ecuador; 31 October 2012 © Dušan Brinkhuizen

The Chestnut-bellied Cotinga was only discovered as recently as 1989, but appears to be fairly widespread, albeit rare and local, in the Andes of northern Peru, Ecuador, and southern Colombia. It closely resembles the Bay-vented Cotinga (Doliornis sclateri) of central and northern Peru, but has a darker head, richer but rufous on the underparts, and a paler eye. Like that species, it occurs in short, scrubby elfin cloud forest near treeline, where it appears to feed largely on fruit. The Chestnut-bellied Cotinga is poorly known, and lack of data on its population status, combined with destruction of its preferred habitat, is a conservation concern.


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Recommended Citation

. 2010. Chestnut-bellied Cotinga (Doliornis remseni), Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; retrieved from Neotropical Birds Online:

This map provided by Robert S. Ridgely.

  • Migration/Movement:Resident (nonmigratory)
  • Primary Habitat:Elfin forest
  • Foraging Strata:
  • Foraging Behavior:
  • Diet:
  • Sociality:
  • Mating System:
  • Nest Form:
  • Clutch: -
  • IUCN Status:Vulnerable