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Lepidocolaptes souleyetii

Streak-headed Woodcreeper

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Furnariidae
  • Polytypic 7 Subspecies

Authors: Dzielski, Sarah

Lepidocolaptes souleyetii

Buenaventura, Ecuador; 12 August 2011 © Dušan M. Brinkhuizen

Streak-headed Woodcreeper is an arboreal furnariid found in Central America and northern South America, from southern Mexico south to northwestern Peru and northernmost Brazil. The species occupies a variety of forest and scrub types below 1000 meters in elevation. As is typical of woodcreepers of the genus Lepidocolaptes, it has a long, pale, slender, and slightly decurved bill. The upperparts are rufous brown, with buffy streaking on the crown and nape, a white supercilium, and whitish streaking on the face. The throat is white, and the underparts are buffy brown, heavily streaked with whitish buff. Streak-headed Woodcreeper is often found in more open areas than other congeners.

Recommended Citation

Dzielski, Sarah. 2015. Streak-headed Woodcreeper (Lepidocolaptes souleyetii), Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; retrieved from Neotropical Birds Online:

This map is based on maps available from the NatureServe InfoNatura website, for the distribution in Central America and/or Caribbean, and on a map provided by Robert S. Ridgely, for the South American distribution.

The data for the InforNatura maps are provided by NatureServe in collaboration with Robert Ridgely, James Zook, The Nature Conservancy - Migratory Bird Program, Conservation International - CABS, World Wildlife Fund - US, and Environment Canada - WILDSPACE.

  • Migration/Movement:Resident (nonmigratory)
  • Primary Habitat:Tropical deciduous forest
  • Foraging Strata:Understory/Canopy
  • Foraging Behavior:Probe
  • Diet:Terrestrial invertebrates
  • Sociality:Solitary/Pairs
  • Mating System:---
  • Nest Form:Cavity
  • Clutch: 2 - 2
  • IUCN Status:Least Concern