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Picumnus temminckii

Ochre-collared Piculet

  • Order: Piciformes
  • Family: Picidae


Picumnus temminckii

Cruce Caballero Provincial Park, Misiones, Argentina; 20 August 2009 © Martjan Lammertink

Confined to the southern Atlantic Forest, the Ochre-collared Piculet is found from southeast Brazil to eastern Paraguay and extreme northeast Argentina. The upperparts are largely brown, with a prominent buff hindcollar, a black crown (with a red forehead in males), and pale underparts barred with black. Despite being reasonably common in reasonably wide variety of wooded habitats down to sea level, the Ochre-collared Piculet is a surprisingly poorly known bird. Like several other Picumnus, this species is known to interbreed with other piculets, at least occasionally, in this case with both the White-wedged Piculet (Picumnus albosquamatus) and the White-barred Piculet (Picumnus cirratus).

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