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Trogon elegans

Elegant Trogon

  • Order: Trogoniformes
  • Family: Trogonidae
  • Polytypic 5 Subspecies

Authors: Williams, Nathan R

Trogon elegans

location unknown; 2 March 2010 © Dominic Sherony

The Elegant Trogon (Trogon elegans) is a widespread and adaptable species of trogon. It also is the northernmost species of trogon, with one subspecies breeding as far north as southeastern Arizona, in the United States, where its bright, vivid, plumage makes this species a favorite of many birdwatchers. . Although this species is widespread, the distribution is disjunct, with a significant gap between the geographic ranges of the northern and southern populations. Each of these formerly was classified as a separate species, under the names Coppery-tailed Trogon (Trogon ambiguus) for the three subspecies of the United States and Mexico, and "true" Elegant Trogon (Trogon elegans) for the two subspecies that occur from Guatemala south to Costa Rica. Elegant Trogons primarily occupy dry tropical forest habitat, but also occur in flooded forests, scrublands, plantations and at low and montane altitudes.

Recommended Citation

Williams, Nathan R. 2011. Elegant Trogon (Trogon elegans), Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; retrieved from Neotropical Birds Online:

This map is based on the maps available from the NatureServe InfoNatura website. The data for these maps are provided by NatureServe in collaboration with Robert Ridgely, James Zook, The Nature Conservancy - Migratory Bird Program, Conservation International - CABS, World Wildlife Fund - US, and Environment Canada - WILDSPACE.

  • Migration/Movement:Complex Migrant
  • Primary Habitat:Tropical deciduous forest
  • Foraging Strata:Midstory
  • Foraging Behavior:Glean
  • Diet:Omnivorous
  • Sociality:Mixed Flocks
  • Mating System:Monogamy
  • Nest Form:Cavity
  • Clutch: 2 - 4
  • IUCN Status:Least Concern