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Aimophila ruficeps

Rufous-crowned Sparrow

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Emberizidae

Authors: Ramos-Ordoñez, M.F., C. Rodríguez-Flores, C. Soberanes-González & M.C. Arizmendi

Life History


It feeds mostly on seeds.



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Sexual Behavior

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Social and interspecific behavior

It is a solitary species that can be seen also in small groups of between 5 and 10 individuals.


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Female does the incubation begging after the last egg is laid. Juveniles are taken care by both parents and stayed with them some time after fledging.

It¿s breeding period begging in March and ends in August. Usually they have two broods each year. They breed in dry and rocky areas with dense understories or in dense grasslands. They build the nest between 0 and 45 cm above the soil. The nest is not very elaborated. It is a cup build with dry grass and vegetal fiber glued with fine grasses or animal hair. It is built in a swallow cavity in the soil, caved by the bird. They lay from 3 to 4 eggs, sometimes between 2 and 5, sub elliptical, un-marqued blue-whitish. Chicks born covered by blackish feathers and the skin is orange. Fledglings leave the nest at 9 days after born.

Populations and Demography

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Recommended Citation

Ramos-Ordoñez, M.F., C. Rodríguez-Flores, C. Soberanes-González & M.C. Arizmendi. 2010. Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Aimophila ruficeps), Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; retrieved from Neotropical Birds Online: