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Turdus swalesi

La Selle Thrush

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Turdidae



The Americas

Endemic to the island of Hispaniola. In Haiti, uncommon and very local resident in the Massif de la Selle, where it was first discovered. Absent from the Massif de la Hotte. Rare and local in the Dominican Republic. Found in Sierra de Bahoruco, Sierra de Nieba, and Corrdillera Central.

Now mostly restricted to isolated habitat patches. The nominate race, T. s. swalesi, occurs in Haiti and into the Sierra de Baoruco, Dominican Republic. The race T. s. dodae occurs in the Sierra de Neiba and Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic.

Outside the Americas

No records.


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Historical changes

Little detailed information available. Continues to be present in the four mountain ranges in which it was originally discovered, although local extirpations due to deforestation have probably occured.

Fossil history

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Recommended Citation

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