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Species Information

  • We want any information you have about a species.
  • Full articles are great, smaller sections are just as valuable.
  • Full publication credit and peer recognition.


  • Please contribute any photos you have.
  • For many species, images are rare, so please contribute even if quality is poor.
  • You get a credit and link to your web site. Photos always remain yours.

Audio & Video

  • Please contribute any audio or video you have.
  • For many, recordings are rare, so please contribute even if quality is poor.
  • You get a credit and link to your web site. Recordings always remain yours.

Maps & Distribution Data

  • We strive to provide the best available distribution map for each species.
  • Please help correct errors in our map data.
  • You get full publication credit and peer recognition.

Submit Your Sightings to eBird

  • eBird collects data on bird abundance and distribution.
  • Submitting your bird observations is a direct way to contribute to our knowledge.
  • eBird is also a great tool to manage and visualize your bird observations.

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After creating an account, please contact the Neotropical Birds editor, , to discuss potential contributions to our site and to gain editorial access.

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More Information for...

Scientists, Researchers, and Students

Become an originating or a contributing author to a Neotropical Birds species account:

  • Author species life history articles in your area of expertise.
  • Receive publication credit and peer recognition for your contribution to our online resource.
  • Collaborate with other researchers and academic peers, share knowledge and research, build your own professional network and help to build an international community of experts on the birds of the Neotropics.

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Advanced Birders

Help us add, edit and expand our resource with your observational data, your rich media resources, and share your love and knowledge of avian life:

  • Author or edit species articles on Distribution, Species Identification, Vocalizations, or other topics on which you have data.
  • Contribute your images directly to our resource, receive credit and a backlink to your personal site (please read more about photographic contributions below).
  • Contribute relevant audio or video recordings. Most of our growing media library is shared courtesy of the Macaulay Library. But we are also seeking specific recordings of Neotropical birds and small bodies of unique material. If you have high-quality audio or video recordings of species that currently lack such in our archives, please think about donating your material for use in Neotropical Birds.

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We constantly are seeking and sourcing images to help populate this site, especially of rare (and rarely photographed!) species in the Neotropics. In addition to representative species identification photographs, we are also on the lookout for images of characteristic habitats for each species, life history and behavioral images, and nest and egg photos. We cannot provide financial remuneration for any photographs, but we are more than happy to provide you with full credit and a backlink to your website.

Currently we have a Neotropical Birds Flickr group to which you can contribute photographs directly. Please note that we can only use images that are fully tagged with scientific or common name of the bird, the locality (country and, if known, the department, province, or state as well), the date the photograph was taken, and your name.

Of course, more specific information, such as the exact locality or contextual data, is always appreciated. Lastly, if you are not a Flickr user but have a website that you would be willing to grant us a one-time, web-exclusive rights usage for, please contact us directly with a link to your site so that we might correspond directly with you.

The photographer retains the copyright to any images used by Neotropical Birds Online; any photograph on Neotropical Birds Online may not be downloaded, copied, archived, modified, or used for any reason, including posting on personal or other websites, without permission of the photographer. And thank you for your willingness and generosity in helping us create the Neotropical Birds site!

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Audio or Video Recordists

The Macaulay Library is pleased to be a source of recordings for Neotropical Birds Online, a project made possible only through a collaborative effort. We can’t pull this off without the help of recordists in the field!

The Macaulay Library is offering their existing Neotropical materials, thousands of which are already available online and hundreds more are digitized each week. To expand the recordings available for Neotropical Birds Online and fill some gaps in the holdings of the Macaulay Library Online Archive we are seeking specific recordings of Neotropical birds and small bodies of unique material.

We are always excited to hear about the prospect of partnering with recordists.

If you are interested in contributing audio or video recordings of species that are not well-represented please contact the Curator for Collection Development, Greg Budney () or Media Archivists Ben Clock () or Jay McGowan ().

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Members of the Conservation Community

Consider contributing knowledge and expertise by authoring or editing species articles on Conservation and Priorities for Future Research. Lend us your knowledge on conservation efforts, alerts, species of special concern, and any other pertinent conservation data or research that you may have.

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